Cornwall, England

Clotted cream and Doc Martin.

I visited Cornwall at the start of Summer just before it started getting busy with the schools out. Sunny weather coupled with quiet locations meant that it was my photography heaven.

I stayed in Fowey, on the Southern Coast of Cornwall. It's a small fishing town that unfortunately is built on top of a rather steep hill. Lugging camera equipment up and down was not fun.

Oude Delft, Nederland

A traditionally Dutch section of the famous student city of Delft.

I visited Delft in February when I attended the open day of TU Delft, a very well known university within Europe. The name 'Delft' comes from a canal which flows alongside it, the 'Delf': The name of which comes from the Dutch word 'delven'; or 'digging'.

I stayed in 'Oude Delft' (Old Delft) which is the historical section on the city. It practically has a canal running along every street. There's also copious amounts of bikes.

Kent, England

A South-Eastern county in England.

Kent's warm climate (Warm for the UK, at least) has made it perfect for growing fruits. The county is full of orchards and vineyards and is also known as the wine capital of the UK.

Historically, Kent was a critical location as the Royal Navy's largest ports were located there. There's nothing us British are better at than sinking French ships.

Oxford, England

The home of Harry Potter and the University of Oxford.

Oxfordshire is my home county and is known all around the world due to the extremely prestigious University of Oxford. Formed in 1096, it is the oldest academic institution in the world.

Outside of the city itself is a vast green landscape that you'd expect from the English countryside. It's known as the "city of dreaming spires", a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold.